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Calling All Couchsurfers

If you’ve read Mark’s last blog, you know we are concerned about losing Lauren, a truly valued member of our ensemble. It’s not that we haven’t faced crises before; we’ve suffered transience, but we are definitely the kind of company that will find a way to keep working. Also, we’re pretty lucky.

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Tango Artist (Video)

  “Tango Artist” evolved from Astor Piazzolla’s “Bordel 1900” from Histoire du Tango, a regular part of the Fourth Wall’s performance repertoire.  Both the members of The Fourth Wall (Hilary Abigana, Greg Jukes, and Neil Parsons) and In the Mix had expressed an interest in seeing what might happen if the music from an existing piece were subjected to entirely new interpretations.  Also, we wanted to explore ways of keeping music from becoming a “soundtrack.”  How could we establish music as part of the storytelling, a device no less important than text or movement? After listening to “Tango” and viewing the Fourth Wall’s original choreography, we began “exploding” their work by breaking into pairs that matched a musician with a non-musician.  In each case, the non-musician attempted to physicalize the music while simultaneously improvising a new story or scenario.  The

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Future Unafraid


With our collaborative workshop with the Fourth Wall concluded, we Mixers must now ask the age-old question, “Where to now?” (Or, as Bernie Taupin put it, “Where to now, St. Peter?”) Our first challenge is time. Our second challenge is distance. Our third challenge is the future. Surely we are not the only company facing this tripartite threat? Plus, we have a fourth challenge, which I would list above, but then the poetry of the “tripartite threat” would be lost, so. This last challenge comes first. Owing to a new job, we are losing Mixer Lauren Weber Frederick to the great state of New Mexico. Yes, she’s moving to Albuquerque. Aside from our disappointment and dismay, we are faced once again with the question of finding, if we want, a fourth member––preferably one who is trained and skilled in movement

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