Calling All Couchsurfers

If you’ve read Mark’s last blog, you know we are concerned about losing Lauren, a truly valued member of our ensemble. It’s not that we haven’t faced crises before; we’ve suffered transience, but we are definitely the kind of company that will find a way to keep working.

Also, we’re pretty lucky. We did, after all, thanks to the Network of Ensemble Theaters’ NET/TEN Seed grant, just finish a truly productive retreat with The Fourth Wall. Seriously, the psychological impact of that grant on our resilience deserves mention: one of the first things out of our mouths when we found out about Lauren’s imminent departure was, “We have to get through this. We got a grant from NET.”

We will not despair. We are smaller, because Lauren is moving, but we are also bigger (geographically). Are we alone in this challenge? Surely not. Other must struggle to combat isolation. All this makes me wonder what we can do to make this world seem a little smaller. Even if we can’t help each other solve internal problems, perhaps we can, at least, offer each other resources. What if we were to develop the equivalent of or for ensembles?

How, you ask? Let’s figure that out.

Any ideas? Wrenches to throw? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Posted by on June 26th, 2013

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