Future Unafraid

With our collaborative workshop with the Fourth Wall concluded, we Mixers must now ask the age-old question, “Where to now?” (Or, as Bernie Taupin put it, “Where to now, St. Peter?”)

Our first challenge is time. Our second challenge is distance. Our third challenge is the future.

Surely we are not the only company facing this tripartite threat?

Plus, we have a fourth challenge, which I would list above, but then the poetry of the “tripartite threat” would be lost, so.

This last challenge comes first. Owing to a new job, we are losing Mixer Lauren Weber Frederick to the great state of New Mexico. Yes, she’s moving to Albuquerque. Aside from our disappointment and dismay, we are faced once again with the question of finding, if we want, a fourth member––preferably one who is trained and skilled in movement and dance. Yes, we might hare off in a new direction and seek a fourth Mixer graced with a degree in statistics or bauxite mining, but for the sake of performance––for our own sense of quality and artistry––we might look first for a dancer.

Meanwhile, the original three difficulties remain.

Time: all three of our current full-time members are already fully committed. How to find chinks in the armor of our mutual schedules whereby we might get together and rehearse, much less peform?

Distance: Mixer Jason remains in South Bend. Mixers Diane and Mark (that’s me) remain in Evansville. Indiana may be a small state as the United States go, but from end to end, it’s a six-hour drive. This is a hurdle of no small proportion.

The Future: Mixers Diane and Mark are decamping to Europe in the winter of 2014, and expect to be absent from the American fray for six months at least. Talk about distance! When, after the holiday season of 2013, is In the Mix likely to reconvene?

Our solution, as least for now, is to work on creating content for our website. “Inspirational” content, even, by which I do not mean, for better or for worse, work to inspire religious faith, but material that might help us generate our new live performance in much the same manner as our Crying Survey and our gallery (still posted on our site) of Crying Stories provided grist for the show “Crying Shame.” As we continue to work toward a show on the nature of identity, currently entitled “Valid I.D.,” we intend to use the web to keep us afloat. What exactly we add or post is still somewhat up in the air, but already, if you wish, you could leave us an audio postcard, some story you remember, however third-hand, focusing on identity, on the nature (flexible) of self and self-hood. We Mixers are definitely eager to hear your thoughts, and will be contributing tales of our own shortly, so check back in the coming months to hear our own podcasted, archived stories.

If patience is a virtue, then surely In the Mix must be the most virtuous of ensemble troupes. We don’t have much choice, true, but we are very much invested in accepting the reality of our situation, and this acceptance begins with facing the difficulties listed above and giving them their due without ever letting them entirely conquer our (surely unreasonable) desire to keep Mixing.

The motto of our local university is “We Face the Future Unafraid.” Apparently that ideal has bled over into our collective Mix thinking.

So even if we must rely on the digitized magic of the worldwide web for a time, we’ll be back––live––eventually.

Time, distance, the future (plus membership).

Why, we can eat those odds for breakfast.



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