Here Goes

I read a lot of very inspiring advice about generating ensemble work.

And most of it makes me feel really bad.

I know how important it is to build trust and take risks. I know about engaging in the flow of the work, setting aside fears about endpoints and fully connecting with each, individual collaborator. I know how to say the right words, how to craft the pretense of expertise.

All that “knowledge” makes me feel like a fraud. When I step back from myself and hear the voice of a collaborator accusing me—with a laugh, understand—of hating all her ideas, I want to tear off my skin, rebuild my breath, and start over.

And that’s why I keep returning to the rehearsal room.

Am I alone is this?

Perhaps this blog will help me find out. Here, I will throw myself into the mess and record the collisions between the ideals that sustain me and the mundane details that threaten to overwhelm me. I will share particulars about the way we recycle and adapt the wealth of rehearsal activities others have inspired us to try. The activities are not especially new, but they are part of our story, and perhaps they will intersect with yours.

Here goes.


Posted by on May 30th, 2013

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