In the Mix is devoted to ensemble-generated work.  As such, we do not start with a script.  We begin with what bothers us, what keeps us up at nights.  By mashing music, movement and ideas together, we hope to devise vital, unexpected work.

Our model of working shifts with the needs and passions of our members. We began as a group of four, meeting weekly and playing with impulses. But we are busy people––busy both with raising children and raising ourselves––and so we have morphed into a core group of three that collaborates with kindred artists to rehearse and develop our programs during intensely concentrated rehearsal periods. When we are together, we brainstorm the old-fashioned way: by jumping in, experimenting, and disagreeing. We believe that the best way to be supportive is to be both honest and critical. We push ourselves not to settle. And at the end of our intensive rehearsals, we face fear head-on and invite audiences to surround us as we perform our work.

In this section of our website, we will share musings, activities, moments from our rehearsal process, and other information that might come in handy for like-minded artists out there.  Our hope remains that if we share our discoveries, and learn about the journeys of others, everyone wins! You can begin exploring by clicking here or following the links to the right.

At our best, we transcend.

Like hope, we float.