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Spaghetti Western 3D

Spaghetti Western 3D is a riotous send-up of classic western movies complete with notorious outlaws, quick-draw gunslingers, and original frontier songs. Come join our all-female cast in Javelina, Arizona, where the water rights to one disputed well could unravel the very fabric of Western civilization!

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Spaghetti Western 3D 

By Mark Rigney

With Kit Bulla and Sam Schanwald

Original music by Kit Bulla and Sam Schanwald

Original Dramaturg Diane Brewer

Featuring Shay Guthrie, Samie Jo Johnson, Brogan Lozano, Grace Theobald

Stage Managers Paige Ward and Jessica Hughes

Get your tickets here: IndyFringe

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The Shout

by Mark Rigney


Two college friends join a round-the-clock protest outside a disgraced policeman’s home, only to have their change-the-world optimism challenged by the friendliest of local beat cops.

Published by Playscripts, Inc.

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The Postcard Project

Long-distance collaborators helped us write short, unexpected narratives. We sent out postcards with an opening to a story. Our collaborators added just one sentence and then passed it on to a friend for a closing line.
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NET Seed Grant

In Fall 2012, In the Mix received a grant from the Network of Ensemble Theaters to deepen our relationship with The Fourth Wall. The following May, we shared pieces from our current work, experimented with joint creations, and explored possibilities for future exchanges and community connections. At the end of the retreat, we invited community members to participate in the community connections phase of this work.

Still 18

Devising Workshop

March 3, 2013
In the Mix, in partnership with the University of Evansville, invited community members to participate in the process of developing a performance that mixed music, dance, and spoken word. Working without a script, participants physically explored ideas in the morning, rehearsed them in the early afternoon, and ended the day with a culminating performance.

Crying Shame, mach two

May 20, 2012


Crying Shame, mach one

June 5, 2011

This workshop production was a series of integrated pieces that combined movement, text and music to explore the results of our “Crying Questionnaire.” Presented in partnership with the Evansville Museum of Art, History and Science.